Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sarah Palin meets Frank Conway

In my first blog, I thought I would submit a picture of Repubican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin meeting me. In this photo, she is presenting me with an autographed hockey jersey. She presented the jersey to me as a gift for Aidan's Hockey team. I asked her if I could keep the pen to give to Kevin Campbell, but she wanted it back. She said it was a pleasure meeting me and to keep the hockey team going strong. She is a staunch supporter of Winterhurst. Over dinner, we discussed several items including my dog Caleb's eating habits and Dave Campbell's slap shot. She said she could give Dave some pointers. After a long evening of dancing and drinks, (She loved the Shoe the Donkey Dance) we went to Denny's and enjoyed a grand slam breakfast (each) - I ordered extra sausage and gravy. It was a great night - they let me drive the McCain Straight Talk Express bus and wear one of those FBI earpieces, which are really just Ipod's. She really wanted to hang out more the next day, but I told her I was busy.


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KC said...

Go Sarah! I sure wish you could haved gotten that pen for me!